Kennebec Land Trust (KLT) works cooperatively with landowners and communities to conserve the forests, shorelands, fields, and wildlife that define central Maine


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Managing Woodlands for Wildlife at  Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat

When habitat is changed through timber harvesting, hurricanes, controlled fires, haying, or simply allowing forests to mature into late successional stands, some species of wildlife respond positively while others respond negatively. 

Managing Upland Invasive Plants in Your Woodland - Winthrop

The Kennebec Woodland Partnership, the Maine Forest Service, and Kennebec Land Trust partner for a day-long workshop on Managing Upland Invasive Plants in Your Woodland.

KLT in the News

...Councilors also are scheduled to consider approving a proposal expected to result in the city ending up with the 164-acre Howard Hill property, which forms a wooded backdrop behind the State House...

Howard Hill is a unique and spectacular conservation project. It will be the dollop of ice cream on top of our state dessert, the blueberry pie. Towering over the Capitol, Howard Hill will forever emphasize that Maine is a state where the people value conservation and their very best and special places.

AUGUSTA - City councilors said they are excited, but they’ve also already heard concerns from abutters, about a land trust’s proposal to buy and give the city a large parcel of undeveloped land that forms ...

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