Rent KLT's Solar Powered Eco-Cabins at the Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary!

The Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary has two historic cabins available for rent. Both cabins were renovated by the Maine Cabin Masters crew. Eco-cabin 1 was featured in Season 3 of the DIY TV show. For more information, visit the Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary page.

To make reservations: Visit our Lodgify page for online bookings and policies. KLT members receive a 10% discount, members please call 207-377-2848 to receive the discount code.

Guests will enjoy a rustic, eco-friendly, Maine camp experience on the shore of Cobbossee Stream in West Gardiner, Maine. This is a special place, easily accessible to Maine’s population centers, yet it offers the solitude and relaxation of a much more remote location. The Wakefield family enjoyed these cabins for over 100 years and we are pleased to share the camp experience with the community and visitors to Maine.

We will accept reservations for a minimum two-night stay during the 2019 rental season: July 1 through October 31.

There will be two cabins available for rent. Each cabin sleeps a maximum of six adults. The cabins are only accessible by foot, about a quarter mile walk on a camp road from a small parking area (2 cars per cabin maximum).

When packing, please keep in mind the cabins are solar powered.  There is minimal electricity (enough to charge a cell phone) and no running water. There is a composting toilet.  We highly suggest you “unplug” when you are here to maximize your enjoyment of the Eco Cabins!

There are solar powered lamps and also an outdoor solar shower (please bring a bathing suit, it’s not a private shower facility).  The cabins do have a propane heating stove, and a cooktop; however, there is no refrigerator so you will have to bring coolers and plenty of ice to keep your food cold.  

There is also no water suitable for drinking, so you will need to bring enough drinking water for the duration of your stay.

We ask that any materials you use here are biodegradable (for example, any soaps, shampoos, or cleaning materials such as laundry soap bars or dishwashing liquid).

We also ask that you use the same principles here as when you are camping--what you carry in, you carry out (all trash, etc).

In addition, there are no fireworks or sparklers of any kind permitted, and no smoking anywhere in or near the cabins.  Fire dangers can be high in certain seasons and these items are not permitted for use.

We also provide plenty of firewood and matches for your evening campfires.  Please use extra care with campfires and be sure they are all the way out before leaving the cabins.

Here is a list of what the cabins will provide for you:

  • Two double beds

  • Handsoap/dishsoap/bodysoap

  • Coffee maker

  • Pots and pans, utensils, plates, bowls, cups

  • Solar shower

  • Garden cart for luggage

  • Firewood

  • Matches

  • Solar lantern

  • One canoe and life jackets available (Sizes: 2 adult, 2 children)

  • Trash cans for garbage and recycling

  • Trash bags

  • 5 gal bucket for cleaning

  • Broom and dustpan

  • Cleaning supplies (multipurpose cleaner, towels)

Checklist for Campers to bring:

  • Bedding

    • Sleeping bags

    • Sheets/blankets

    • Pillows

    • Air mattress/sleeping pad/cot, if you need extra sleeping areas beyond 2 beds

  • Activity

    • Kayaks

    • Paddleboards

    • Fishing Poles

    • Bug spray** (environmentally friendly) Maine has been particularly wet and chilly this year. The bugs are worse than usual. Bring everything you usually use for bugs. Consider long pants/long-sleeved shirts and/or head net hat.

    • Sunscreen (environmentally friendly)

    • Board games

    • Playing cards

    • Books

    • Headlamp or flashlight for back-up, if you need more light to read, etc.

  • Personal

    • Toilet paper (a small amount is in cabins)

    • Towels/washcloths for washing

    • Bathing Suit, if you plan on using outdoor shower

    • Soap

    • Tooth brush/tooth paste

    • Other personal items

  • Cooking

    • Water jugs for drinking/cooking

    • Coolers/ice

    • Containers for food storage

All revenue from the cabins will support the long-term maintenance of the Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary, KLT programming including future workshops with guest artists, writers, and scientists, and the Kennebec Land Trust’s goals to protect wildlife habitat and water quality, provide low-impact recreation opportunities, and preserve local heritage and culture.