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Please be aware that KLT properties on this list include both fee properties (owned by KLT) and privately owned properties that have a conservation easement.

By Location:

Judy Kane Preserve, Kennebec River Conservation Corridor
Howard Hill Conservation Area

Vaughan Woods

David Pond Woodland Conservation Area
Echo Lake Watershed Preserve
Mathews Wildlife Habitat
Meadow Brook Farm
Parker Pond Headland Preserve
Sturtevant Farm Scenic Area
Sturtevant Meadow Brook

Cobbossee Stream Conservation Area

Effie L. Berry Conservation Area
Vaughan Woods

Brackett-Longley Rare Plant Preserve
Curtis Homestead Conservation Area

Carter Pond Scenic Area
Holman Conservation Area
Samuel Hutchinson Homestead Conservation Area
Small-Burnham Conservation Area
Webber-Rogers Farmstead Conservation Area

Bog Pond Conservation Area
Gannett Woods
Hutchinson Pond
Jamies Pond Conservation Area

Monmouth/Leeds Bog

Mount Vernon:
Camp Bearnstow, Parker Pond
Ezra Smith Wildlife Conservation Area
Grauret Conservation Area
Ingham Stream Preserve
Torsey Shore Conservation Area

Eastern River Preserve

Avery-Smith Shore Land
Echo Lake Watershed Preserve
Fogg Farm Conservation Area
Gannett Woods
Macdonald Conservation Area
Readfield Town Forest
Rosmarin and Saunders Family Forest
St. Andre Fields
Tyler Conservation Area
Torsey Pond Nature Preserve
Torsey Pond Outlet Conservation Area
Westman Woods Preserve
Wyman Memorial Forest

Reynolds Forest

Davidson Nature Preserve
Seawards Mills Conservation Area
Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat

Flying Pond Farm
McGurdy Stream Preserve
Peter Miller Woodland
Vienna Woods Conservation Area
Whittier Shore Land

Besse Historic Conservation Area
Gott Pasture Preserve
Macdonald Conservation Area
Mt. Pisgah Conservation Area
Norris Island, Androscoggin Lake
Perkins Woods
Pickerel Pond Conservation Area

West Gardiner:

Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary

Hodgdon Island Preserve, Cobbossee Lake
Horseshoe Island Preserve, Cobbossee Lake
Little Cobbossee Oatway Preserve
Mt. Pisgah Conservation Area
Perry Island Preserve, Cobbossee Lake