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Seawards Mills Conservation Area

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Location and Description:

Location:  Seaward Mills Road, Vassalboro, Maine

Property Description: For thousands of years Abenaki Indians fished this stream and hunted in the surrounding woodlands on this 44-acre property. Today, this conserved property features 3800 feet of undeveloped frontage on historic Seawards Mills Stream, a mature hemlock forest on the south side of the stream, and 15 acres of agricultural fields. The stream provides a critical alewife passageway between Webber Pond and Three Mile Pond. The field edge, open water, wetlands, woodland and vernal pools provide excellent habitat for deer, fish, waterfowl, amphibians and songbirds. Four different mills were once clustered here to take advantage of the power of the stream as it descends sixty vertical feet over its approximately three mile course from Three Mile Pond to Webber Pond. 

Directions: From Route 201 travel east on the Webber Pond Road for a mile. Turn right on Hannaford Hill Road and go 2.1 miles to Cross Hill Road. Turn left and travel north for 1.6 miles to the Seawards Mills Road. Turn right; parking is along the road after 0.2 miles. A KLT sign and registration box mark the trail head at the edge of the field and woods

Usage and Trails

Seawards Mill Trail: This easy 0.7 mile trail begins at the sign-in box at the field-woodland edge on the west end of the property. The path meanders along the stream and through the woodlands and wetlands. Look for migrating alewives in May! Hikers can double back or return along the road.

Please note: The agricultural fields are leased to a neighboring farmer. Please do not walk through the farm fields or park in field entrances.

Allowable Uses: Hiking, nature observation, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing. No motorized vehicles. Dogs are allowed on a leash or under voice command. Please clean up after your pets.

Parking: Along the edge of the Seaward Mills Road, 0.2 mile east of the intersection of the Cross Hill Road and Seaward Mills Road. Look for the KLT sign and registration box at the edge of the field. x.

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The 44-acre Seawards Mills Stream Conservation Area was donated to KLT by Elizabeth Cole, a long time Vassalboro resident, in June 2011. This permanently conserved property features a mature hemlock forest, 3,800 feet of undeveloped frontage on historic Seawards Mills Stream, and 15 acres of agricultural fields which are leased to Vassalboro farmer, Dana Suga.

Seawards Mills Stream, which flows 2.7 miles from the outlet of Threemile Pond (elevation 180 feet) into Webber Pond (elevation 120 feet), is important wildlife habitat and is also an alewife passageway. The field edge, open water and wetlands along the stream, woodlands and vernal pools also provide excellent habitat for deer, waterfowl, amphibians and songbirds.


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