Photo: Justin Schlawin   


Photo: Justin Schlawin


Location and Description:

Location: Wayne, Maine

Property Description: This beautiful 27-Acre island is the largest and highest on Androscoggin Lake, a shallow lake popular for boating, fishing, and birding. Eagles, osprey, and herons can frequently be seen, while quiet boaters might experience the dramatic displays and songs of loons. Coarse-grained bedrock has weathered to create Norris Island’s unique black sand beach. The interior of the island features an uncommon stand of white oak.

Directions: Access is by water only except in winter. Launching points: River Bend Campground, Leeds; Stinchfield Point Beach (for Leeds residents); Androscoggin Yacht Club (no overnight parking); or the Maine State Boat launch on Route 133 in Wayne. Norris is the larger island located in the southern part of Androscoggin Lake.

Usage and Trails

Allowable Uses: nature observation, swimming, camping, and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in season. No motorized vehicles on the island. Dogs are allowed on a leash or under voice command. Please clean up after your pets.

Trails: The property contains no marked trails except around the campsites. 

Camping: Reservations are required for overnight use of the campsites and the cabin. Go to the Norris Island camping page for more information. Reservations are not necessary for day use of the beach, picnic table, fire ring, and the outhouse. 

Note: The interior of the island has a dense stand of poison ivy, use caution.

Norris Beach


Thanks to the generous help of our members and supporters, the Kennebec Land Trust (KLT) was able to purchase this beautiful and unique island in 1997. A previous owner of Norris Island built the existing cabin in the early 1990s. It is virtually unchanged from its original construction. The cabin is available to the public for overnight use by reservation. KLT especially welcomes guests who wish to study nature or perform an activity that may be beneficial to the environment. Please note that Norris Island is open to the public for day use. The Island protects important wildlife and plant habitat and provides public access for nature observation, picnicking, swimming, and quiet low-impact camping. The beach and two small campsites are on the east side of the island; the rustic cabin is on the north shore.

Norris Island Camping Page