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Bird Walk at the Vassalboro Wildlife Habitat

Join the Vassalboro Conservation Commission and the Augusta Birding Club’s Glenn Hodgkins on a walk to Webber Pond and an exploration of the marsh on the west side of Webber Pond Road.

On the trail towards the pond, many kinds of birds can be seen and heard. The silky dogwood shrub-wetland is excellent habitat for birds that nest and forage in early successional plant communities. Closer to the pond, where there are taller white pines, you can hear the rapid trill of the pine warbler and the flute-like songs of veeries and hermit thrushes.

On the west side of Webber Pond Road, opposite the KLT parking lot, there is a short trail to a cattail marsh with wood duck boxes. Throughout the marsh you might notice male red-winged blackbirds displaying their bright wing-patches and giving several types of whistles, chirps, and songs. In the trees, brush, and sky surrounding the marsh, you might also see osprey, bald eagles, swamp sparrows, and song sparrows.

Please bring binoculars and whatever you need to be comfortable for a walk in the woods. 

No registration necessary, all are welcome Call 377-2848 with any questions.


Photo: Participants on 2017 Bird Walk at Torsey Pond, Readfield.