How to!


How to link past events- when editing past events page, in a new browser, navigate to a current or future event, and navigate back (on bottom left...previous event) to the event you want. Copy the URL and use it to hyperlink when adding to past events

How to add new events- when editing, click add event and follow prompts. be sure to go to the options tab and add both a thumbnail and a brief (short) excerpt. It is also recommended to add a picture in the main entry box, along with an extended description. Also be sure to add tags, and categories!

How to add event to homepage slideshow- click on upcoming events and news gallery under "not linked" add/upload a photo, and then add text in the ___ and a link to upcoming events! Be sure to change the post url to something understandable

** Dont forget to add event to google public programs and events calendar!



331 Main Street

Image body:

Office Open House

Join Us!

** be sure to remove old events from the home page slideshow


How to add a property- Duplicate a current proeperty page in the "propertyfolder" to maintain consistency. Click on the cog wheel next to the existing property and then click duplicate page. Please rename the page and hyperlink. Then drag it into the propertyfolder. Lastly, make a link of the property list page, both alphabetical and by town, by linking to "content-> new property name." Fill in and make it up to date, and voila


Heading 1:  Bold for big main titles.

Heading 2: Most used for section titles, bolded.

Heading 3: not used, only set for footer formatting

Normal: Used for body text, links etc. feel freer to bold, or italicize

*** be sure when pasting in from outside sources to use the "paste as plain text" tool (looks like a lowercase t in a box on the style toolbar

*** if spacing gets weird, select text, set to "code" in the font selector (in the style toolbar) deal with spacing issues, click remove formating (looks like an A raised to the x) then set to desired heading/font.

Adding PDF's or other links!:

Highlight normal text and click link button in style toolbar (looks like a chain link) select files, either select an existing file, or add new. THEN be sure to follow the link, and copy the URL ( Use this URL to then edit the link and change it to an external link, with this URL, be sure to select open in New Window. ( we want users to stay on our website, so attachments, files and links that go off site should all open in a new window) Links to content do not need to go in a new window

To set someone's email address as a click and mail, write out email address, highlight and click hyperlink button (chain link) select external link and type in "" be sure to select open in new window!

Adding news to blog (Property News and KLT in the News)

On manage blog page, click "add Post" Under the "Item" tab, enter full article, with photos, links, any formatting you want. Under the "Options" tab, be sure to add a thumbnail and a short text excerpt from the article or post. If this is a blog post, select author (I.E. Nicole giving a property update, rather than a sun journal article post). If there is a relevant location, feel free to add it under the "location" tab.

IMPORTANT! Hit save and publish for it the post to go live. Then, go back into the post to edit the creation date and time (make it some reasonable during work schedule hour, and change date if it is referencing a news article. Be sure to add tags and categories!

Adding a jump to a section of a page

To create a link to jump to a section of page, you need to create a markdown block and place it in line or near the section of page you would like to jump to. In the block, type <div id="linkname"></div>  where you replace the words linkname with some signifier (keep the quotation marks). Then wherever you would like the link (on the same page) you write out text, select it, then create an external link. type in #linkname  (where linkname is the text you put in the quotation marks in the markdown block). Make sure this does not open in a new window (as it jumps to a spot on one of our pages.

To link from another page, create an external link (with whichever text you want to be the link) and type in the page i.e Again, make sure open in new window is not selected.