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Local Wood WORKS is partnering with passivHAUS Maine to host a Maine Wood and Performance Design Conference in Portland. The conference would strengthen the personal ties and supply chains between builders and designers and Maine’s far-flung network of wood producers. Architects, engineers and builders would have opportunities to meet directly with companies, including smaller ones, that produce dimensional lumber, rough-sawn lumber, cedar shingles, hardwood flooring, siding, reclaimed wood, furniture, as well as start-up and concept businesses that can meet carbon light construction goals- CLT and other engineered timbers, Panelised construction + design, Air-tight, prefab construction, panelised renovation. This would be an opportunity to strengthen and clarify Maine’s potential for championing a carbon light/neutral future through sustainable construction, while simultaneously demonstrating a market for Maine’s sustainably-managed forests and high-tech forest products.

Local Wood WORKS is excited to announce a partnership with the Green & Healthy Maine HOMES magazine to produce a Buyers’ Guide to Maine Local Wood products that will be distributed in the 2018 Spring edition of the magazine. The guide will serve as an important marketing tool for us, helping to educate the community about our efforts, connect home building & design professionals and homeowners with Maine wood business owners and promote a new online directory of Maine wood producers that will launch later this spring.
Distributed to 18,000 readers-- including building and design professionals and homeowners alike-- the Local Wood Guide will serve as a valuable tool to help grow local wood economies in Maine.