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Surry Hill Walk

Our newest conservation project is purchasing and permanently conserving 330 contiguous acres in Fayette, including the top of 600-foot Surry Hill.

Join us this summer to walk the land and take in the views.

This land features over 250 acres of secondary forestland, streams flowing into Echo Lake, Hales Pond, Pocasset Lake, and Lovejoy Pond, valuable wetlands, and phenomenal scenic views. The expansive landscape protects wildlife habitat and water quality; provides many recreational opportunities, including hiking, snowmobiling, hunting, mountain biking, and nature observation; and with many acres of regenerating forestland, will help mitigate climate change. We plan to maintain approximately fifteen acres as open fields to preserve scenic views of the White Mountains and nearby hills, lakes, and woodlands. The fields and surrounding wetlands and forestland also offer tasty blueberries for hikers and habitat for pollinators, ground-nesting birds, and resident and migratory raptors.

At this time, there is no formal trail system. There is a logging road to the summit.

Free and open to all, no pre-registration necessary. Meet at the south end of Tom Surrey Road in Fayette.

Directions: From Route 17 in Fayette, turn south on Tom Surrey Road (google maps calls this Pine Needle Alley), directly opposite the Fayette Central School. Travel about a half mile. Park in the pull off on the right-hand side opposite the last house on the left. Do not continue straight on the road, it is not suitable for motor vehicles.

Photo: Jane Davis